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Wedding Sign Ideas - Guide and Encourage Guest Involvement

Planning a wedding and reception can seem like an insurmountable task, but ensuring that your guests are seamlessly guided through your day can make the time more enjoyable for everyone involved. Choosing wedding decor / decorations that will enhance this directed experience, can be key to allowing your wedding guests to know what to expect and when. Simple additions to your selected decor to inform of directions, timings, activities and expectations make the guests involvement in your special day more relaxed and congruous.

Wedding planners these days have come up with some wonderful ideas on what signs to include for this purpose. Take a look at these ideas to see how they may enhance your wedding day.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

As a fun-filled way of receiving well wishes from your guests, ask them to give you date night ideas, marriage advice or anniversary celebration tips. By being more creative, your wedding guests will be more compelled to participate!

1. Date Night Jar Sign


Date Night Jar for Rustic Wedding Reception Sign

[Courtesy of]

 2. Guestbook Well Wishes Sign

As seen in this image taken from a wedding at Curzon Hall in Sydney, small chalkboard easels can be used to ask guests to sign the wedding guest book.

 Curzon Hall Sydney Wedding Guestbook

[Handwritten sign writing by Duckworth & Son]

3. Polaroid Guestbook

Polaroid Wedding Guestbook Sign

[Courtesy of]


4. Anniversary message sign

 "Please leave us a message to read on our 1st anniversary"


 Wedding Photo Requests

The wedding photographer will capture many beautiful memories of your day, but there are priceless memories that are captured by your wedding guests. Ask your guests to participate in your day by contributing their own images.

1. Provide a Polaroid camera with an instruction sign 

Wedding Polaroid Photo Guestbook Sign

2. Ask your guests to post a photo to social media with a special hashtag

Wooden Wedding Hashtag Sign

[Courtesy of]

 3. Selfie Station Sign

Wedding Selfie Station Sign

[Courtesy of]

4. Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth Sign

[Courtesy of]

 5. Table Sign requesting use of a hashtag for social media use

Wedding Instagram sign

[Courtesy of]

Wedding Welcome Signs 

1. Welcome Sign at Entrance to Wedding Venue - "Welcome to our Beginning"

Use a sign to welcome guests to your new beginning and encourage them that they have arrived at the correct venue!


Curzon Hall Wedding Welcome Sign

[Image courtesy of a wedding held at Curzon Hall in Sydney.

Signwriting performed by Duckworth & Son]


2. Welcome sign personalised with names and wedding date


 Welcome to the Wedding Of Sign - Blackboard

[Courtesy of]


3. Rustic hand-painted welcome sign thanking the guests for coming


Rustic Welcome Wedding Sign - Thank guests for coming

[Courtesy of]

 4. Add a hashtag to your welcome sign so everyone's photos can be shared on social media

Welcome to the best day ever blackboard sign 

[Courtesy of]

 Wedding Schedule Signs

1. Rustic Wooden Wedding Schedule

Rustic Wooden Wedding Schedule Sign

[Courtesy of]

2. Schedule of events hand-painted on a blackboard visible to guests near the wedding ceremony and reception

Curzon Hall Wedding Schedule Blackboard Sign - Vintage By Kaimi

[Courtesy of a wedding at Curzon Hall Sydney. Hand-painted by Duckworth & Son]

 3. Welcome Sign combined with schedule of events. Why not combine both!

Welcome Wedding Schedule Sign

[Courtesy of]

4. Printed Order of Events Sign

Printed Order of Events Wedding Sign

[Courtesy of BerryBerrySweet Etsy Shop]

Wedding Seating Plans

1. When you don't have a seating plan, let everyone know!

Country Wedding Seating Plan Sign

[Courtesy of]


2. If you are delegating seats at a reception add a 'Find Your Seat' Sign!

Find Your Seat Wedding Reception Sign

[Courtesy of BerryBerrySweet Etsy Shop]

3. Your Seat Awaits Wooden Seating Sign 

Wooden Wedding Seating plan sign

[Courtesy of]

4. Create a novel Wedding Reception Seating Chart for your table seating plan using a rustic wooden frame

Printable Wedding Seating Chart - Table Seating Plan

[Courtesy of BerryBerrySweet Etsy Shop]

5. Be creative and create your own seating chart out of printed card, string, pegs and old wood planks

Find Your Seat - wooden wedding seating plan sign

[Courtesy of]

 6. Make your guests find their seat around the world with this unique idea for a seating chart!

Travel Wedding Seating Chart

[Courtesy of]

Wedding Reception Food Table Signs

1. Sweets table sign - 'All you need is love and a cupcake'!

All you need is love and a cupcake wedding sign

[Courtesy of]

2. Wedding Reception Dessert table sign

Love is Sweet wedding reception sign

[Courtesy of]

3. Reserved for family table sign

Reserved for family table sign - wedding 

[Courtesy of]


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