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Making the most of your rustic themed wedding with handcrafted chalkboards

Choosing the theme for your wedding can be both exciting and stressful, because after all, you want to have the most beautiful wedding ever!

A rustic theme is one of the more popular wedding styles, because it appeals to both the bride and the groom; wooden barrels, corrugated iron bark and lots of timber for the groom and festoons of flowers, candles and fairy lights for the bride.

However, a big part of any wedding is adding your own personal flair to the decor, and for a rustic theme you can do this quite easily by including a range of different handcrafted chalkboards. You might wonder what can chalkboards contribute to your wedding?

They actually have a number of uses that will clearly demonstrate to everyone that you have used your creativity and talents to design a wedding that will be the talk of your family and friends for years and years!

You can use chalkboards for both indoor and outdoor weddings – so here are a few ideas for using handcrafted chalkboards for your romantic, rustic themed wedding.

1.     Directional & welcome chalkboard signs

If you are hosting your wedding and reception outdoors (barns, wineries, parks and beaches are perfect locations for rustic weddings), you will need signs that direct your guests to the right location, because they can easily become lost!

You might also want a sign at the front of the venue to welcome everyone to your wedding, and for a rustic themed wedding, you can use chalkboards for both of these functions. As an example, directional chalk blackboard signs can be set up so that your guests know to drive around the back of the building to park their vehicles or to direct them away from areas that can be accessed by the public.

Welcome signs make your wedding really special and you can even combine directions to the venue on the one blackboard. You can either write these signs yourself or engage a professional who can use the right type of fonts, colours and design to suit your theme.

2.     Wedding schedule & order of events chalkboard signs

For brides that are hosting their wedding all day long, it’s a great idea to post a schedule so that your guests know ‘what’ is happening ‘when’. A simple handcrafted chalkboard positioned near the entrance to your venue is a rustic, but effective way to keep everyone in the loop and provide a wonderful personal touch at the same time.

3.     Find your seat blackboard signs

If you are delegating your guests to specific tables at your reception, you can have one blackboard at the entrance to your reception that lists everyone’s names and their allocated tables, alternatively you can post a chalkboard with their names at each table. Of course, if you are happy for your guests to seat themselves, you can let them know by posting a chalkboard with this information near the entrance of the venue.

4.     Table food blackboard signs

If you are providing a buffet for your guests, you could add in even more creativity with rustic chalkboards that list the different food options. So you could have chalkboards that list the hot foods, cold foods and desserts, and one that lists the wines that are being served and the soft drinks that are available with their meal.

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