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Hiring a professional sign writer for your wedding chalkboards

Whilst our rustic chalkboards have become very popular for weddings, they still require someone to write the copy for these blackboards. This copy can include directions to the venue and parking, seating arrangements or the menu and wine list for the reception.

Not everyone is skilled at this type of decorative writing, so what is a bride to do? The solution is to hire a professional sign writer, someone who can use all their creative skills and vast experience to design the perfect hand-painted signs for your wedding.

This is the approach taken by one of our recent clients and we want to share with you how everything came together to give them the wedding of their dreams.

The reception venue

Our clients wanted to have their Indian wedding ceremony at the iconic Curzon Hall, a sandstone castle built in 1899 and situated on three acres of gloriously landscaped gardens in Marsfield, Sydney.  With a grand circular driveway, wide terraces with garden views, magnificent foyer with sweeping staircases, beautiful crystal chandeliers, and furnishings that enhance its glorious Heritage style design, Curzon Hall is the perfect venue for the perfect wedding.

The professional signwriter

We felt privileged that the bride and groom wanted to use our beautifully handcrafted and framed chalkboards as part of their grand wedding ceremony. To add a contemporary, but still traditional style to these chalkboards, we contacted a professional sign writer – Rhys Duckworth of Duckworth and Son to add an artistic flair and design and write the copy.

Rhys Duckworth is a Sydney based sign writer who specialises in traditional hand painted signwriting, as well as commercial art and decorative finishes. He has 25 years’ experience as a signwriter and possesses a real passion for traditional signs, time honoured crafts, and techniques – passed down by this father, who was also a sign writer.

Part of Rhys’s success is due to his ability to pick up current design trends and use them where appropriate for his clients. He uses this up-to-date knowledge, as well as his client’s ideas to craft high-quality signage that is unique and perfectly suited to his client’s needs.

The big benefit of using a professional sign writer is that they keep up with these artistic trends and can easily select the ideal font and colour scheme for your wedding chalkboards.

All of the copy and artistic decorations for Rhys’s signage is painted by hand, and every client’s signage is designed specifically for their event.  All of this is usually achieved without ever speaking with or meeting his clients in person.

Our client’s Indian wedding

For our client’s wedding at Curzon Hall, we (Kaimi & Co) supplied the blackboards to Rhys, along with the copy and a few examples of the design and artistic approach desired by the happy couple. The blackboard shown in the image below is a white-washed large handcrafted chalkboard and is an example of those that were used at our client’s wedding. They are the perfect way to welcome guests to your own wedding! 

For more chalkboard options for your rustic wedding, contact Kaimi & Co on 0403 339 587 or send us an email today.